36 Farmhouse (2022) Bangla Dubbed UnTouched WEB-DL– 720P –HEVC –x264–3GB– Download & Watch Online

36 Farmhouse (2022) Bangla Dubbed UnTouched WEB-DL– 720P –HEVC –x264–3GB– Download & Watch Online
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36 Farmhouse (2022) Bangla Dubbed UnTouched  WEB-DL– 720P –HEVC –x264–1GB– Download & Watch Online

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Duration: 2 :20 Mins
Release Date: 2013
Language: Bangla


Director:Ram Ramesh Sharma Writers:Subhash Ghai, Sharad Tripathi Stars:Vijay Raaz, Amol Parashar, Sanjay Mishra
Quality: WEB-DL
Storyline:During the nation wide lock down in India on outskirts of Mumbai Rani Padmini Rajpath Singh decides to transfer all her assess in the name of her son Ronak whose debt ridden but has become close to his mother in last few months.Prateek Kakkar the family lawyer arrives with a will stating that the property does not belong to him alone and his other brothers Gajendra and Veerendra have an equal share.A hot headed Ronak gets frustrated and kills Prateek by throwing him in well and he is termed missing,While migrant workers from Mumbai are leaving back to their village as they don't have source of income due to lock down one of them being a cook JP who comes across Benny head servant of the mansion.Benny gives him a job as chef as he pretends to have no family background as per rules of mansion,while JP's family in village and his son Harry also migrating from Mumbai get worried about his whereabouts.Harry comes across Antra granddaughter of Rani Padmini they both being from fashion world had worked on a project and asks him to accompany for further assignments.While in the mansion JP and Harry are shocked to see each other and pretend to be one above the other on the other hand Benny and JP plan to steal a precious necklace of Rani Padmini for a better life.But the mansion is always under the scanner of cops due to missing of Prateek Kakkar and Ronak being their prime suspect on the other hand his brother Gajendra and Mithika (wife of Veerendra) try to add more fuel to 

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